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Darkhouin oil field development project (third phase)

The location of Darkhoin oil field project

Darkhoin oil field is located 30 kilometers north of Khorramshahr and 100 kilometers southwest of Ahvaz and adjacent to the Iran-Iraq border with a length of 24 kilometers and a width of 10 kilometers. Phase 1 and 2 of this field with a capacity of 160,000 barrels per day has been implemented by the Italian company ENI.

The exploitation of phases 1 and 2 of this field has shown that the actual production is beyond the target amount in the studies, thus placing this field in the category of the least risky oil fields in the country, considering the above and considering the lowering of the level. The country's oil production in the coming years, the third phase of this project has been placed as one of the important and vital projects on the agenda of the National Iranian Oil Company.

In 2009, the National Iranian Oil Company held a tender with qualified contractors and domestic and foreign investors, and finally proposed the field development plan with the Master Development Plan (MDP) presented by the consortium led by Petro Omid Asia Company as The best tender offer was recognized by the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and the relevant contract was signed in the form of buy back contracts.

The third phase of the development of the Darkhoin oil field includes the development of the heavy oil reservoirs of Ilam and Saruk and the development of the south of the light oil reservoir of Fahlian.

The initial oil in the Ilam, Saruk and southern expansion of the Fahlian reservoir in the initial conditions of these reservoirs is estimated to be 1490, 580 and 478 (million standard barrels) respectively.

The first stage of production, phase 3
It includes production from Fahlian reservoir, which will be implemented with 5 vertical wells for the production of 14000 (barrels per day).

The second stage of production
After the production of the first stage of Fahlian, the second stage of production begins. This production includes the production of 15,000 barrels per day with 11 horizontal wells of two branches of the Ilam reservoir and 17,000 barrels per day with 10 diversion wells with gas injection, which will be implemented through extensive laboratory activities and reservoir simulation. With the implementation of the second stage, the production of the field will reach 46,000 barrels per day.

Final level
After the full implementation of the first and second stages, the final stage will begin. The goal of the final production in the field development program (MDP) is to increase the daily production to 60,000 (barrels per day), which will be implemented by injecting gas into the Ilam and Saruk layers and in a period of 66 months.

  • Fahlian high pressure tank will produce its own light oil in natural discharge mode.
  • The heavy crude oil of Ilam and Saruk (which has very low permeability in Ilam) and its relatively high flow rate in Saruk have caused the contents of the well to rise artificially.
  • The cost of extraction capital and the high viscosity of crude oil in both reservoirs are the determining factors for the choice of electric downhole pumps (ESP) in contrast to the technique of artificial oil extraction with gas injection in both Ilam and Saruk reservoirs. The possibility of using other artificial excretory systems should be considered in future FEED studies.
  • The field development program will be carried out by drilling 26 production wells, after conducting FEED studies, if technically necessary, 5 more production wells will be added.
  • Darkhouin oil field development project (third phase)