Innovative engineering measures in Jask project

Petro Omid Asia Company

  • Pump station design and arrangement of pumps and capacity building so that it is possible to operate after the construction of phase 2 and 3 of the project up to the capacity of 30 million barrels of oil storage without creating excess facilities.
  • Designing the cathodic protection system inside the tank in order to reduce the corrosion of the bottom of the tanks from the inside
  • The design of pressurized water system by fire pumps so that there is no need to implement a new pump station for all 3 phases in the future extension plan up to the capacity of 30 million barrels of storage.
  • Designing a smart camera system with face recognition and smart fence removal
  • In terms of passive defense, electrical and control equipments are selected and designed in such a way that it is not possible to penetrate the system and it is safe compared to sound bombs due to the security situation of the project site.
  • All the buildings of the project are designed explosion-proof according to the level of safety and defense division.
  • Due to the different capacities of oil tankers and their different loading distances from the shore, the pumps can be sent in different flow rates and pressures using Variable Frequency Drive technology.
  • Design and construction of fossil fuel power plant according to regional limitations in terms of electrical energy distribution network infrastructure