Internal construction report and internalized parts in Jask project

Petro Omid Asia Company

  • Making the main pumps and their VFDs with this power for the first time in the country
  • Localization of jet mixer package (including nozzle and track pump and diesel)
  • Production of A-283 NACE sheets with thicknesses of 9 and 10 mm for the first time in this project
  • Changing the capacity and layout of the main pumps in such a way that their internalization is possible.
  • Handing over the manufacture of MOV valves to a domestic manufacturer for the first time in the country
  • Providing the required flanges through a contract with Petro Sanat Adel manufacturing company
  • Supplying the hand valves needed for the project through a contract with Godakhtar Industries Development and Renovation Company
  • A part of the sheets of the project, which was possible to produce domestically, was supplied through Oxin Steel Company. It is worth mentioning that most of the sheets have been supplied from domestic production.
  • Supplying On/Off valves through a contract with Behsazan South Construction Company
  • Supplying fire pumps through a contract with Petco manufacturing company