Innovative implementation measures in Jask project

Petro Omid Asia Company

  • The construction of a project with a storage capacity of 10 million barrels of oil on the coast of the Oman Sea is unprecedented and is being built for the first time in Jask.
  • The unique way the system works in terms of receiving oil and sending them to SPM; In such a way, the piping and pumping system is designed in such a way that it is possible to send oil directly from the pipeline to SPM, as well as the possibility of simultaneously storing oil in tanks and sending it to SPM.
  • Taking into account the detailed considerations of passive defense in the field of design and implementation; So far, this range of defense requirements was not included in any project. The rules of using passive defense techniques in the design and implementation of structures will not only increase the cost for the enemy to disable the systems, but will also significantly increase the lifespan of the facilities.
  • In the bed modification methods of similar projects, it has been common to use the consolidation method for clay soils and dynamic compaction for sandy soils; But in this project, the use of soil and cement columns was a new method that was used.