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Saturday، 12 February 2022

Conditions for bidders:

  1.  Having a minimum rank of 2 oil and gas.

  2.  Submission of an official letter from the bank indicating the ability to provide a bank guarantee for prepayment of 500 billion Rials.
  3.  Reservoir history


Having at least one of the following:

  • A) A floating roof tank of half a million barrels
  • b) 4000 tons of work for other types of tanks
  • E-mail notification of readiness:

The employer will have full authority regarding the finalization of the list of eligible companies to participate in the tender, and the declaration of readiness does not create any right for that company to participate in the tender.

The deadline for sending the letter of readiness along with the mentioned documents is 2022/02/20

The last tender
  • The last tender